In order to fulfill its mission
UCWIA undertakes the production of children’s books
with emphasis on the following:

  1. Write books for children with an African touch
  2. Illustrating books using African images to give them an African touch.
  3. Editing writings and illustrations submitted for publication
  4. Organize reading tents
  5. Organize workshops and seminars for the promotion of children literature
  6. Work in partnership with national and international organizations to promote reading culture amongst children
  7. Participate in national and international exhibitions
  8. Identifying themes suitable for children’s books.
  9. Testing prepared materials on children’s in order to determine age-groups and levels for which books are suited.
  10. Printing and publishing selected materials
  11. Setting up reading groups, organising talks, workshops and seminars geared towards improving skills in the production of reading, and, or information materials for children as well as promoting the inculacation of reading culture.

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Sponsorship for UCWIA activities

We sponsor our activities through:

  1. Membership subscription fees
  2. Book sales
  3. Grants from National, regional and international organizations